Looking for Extraordinary Group Tours, Cruises, Car or  Camper Tours in Canada & Alaska?

We’ve got you covered!


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WTG offers Personalized, Specialized Tours for Small Groups & Special Interest Groups in Western Canada & Alaska. Our strength and our differentiation lies in our personal travel advice & assistance, guidance, experience & expertise and the development of unique tour & travel packages! We Tailor Your Tour ! 

Whether you have a special interest group, family, friends or corporate group with special interests or wishes, a wellness focussed group, a cruise tour with a musical twist, an immigration – orientation group or 50+ aged solo travellers who like to join us on our special single tours, not for dating but to enjoy a group of like minded people. We’ve got you covered!

Our team of advisors and tour guides live, work and travel frequently throughout Canada & Alaska. We are experienced cruise managers and tour guides/escorts. We also speak the Dutch & German language and due to our European roots we totally understand the cultural aspects.

The last couple of years we have further developed, specialised and certified our knowledge & experience, especially in Western Canada and the State of Alaska, all to better serve You, our clients. Also we added the Cruise & Land Tours which are very popular!

WTG is constantly “on the move” and searching for new locations & destinations, nature and culture and what else Canada and Alaska has to offer You. Our goal is to create and offer You the Unique and Ultimate Travel Experience!


WTG offers:

  • Special Interest Group Tours
  • Individual Tours
  • Tailored Tours
  • Wellness Tours
  • Travel Alberta Tours
  • Ski Canada Tours
  • Adventure Winter Packages
  • Single Travel Group Tours
  • Land & Sea Tours
  • Cruise Tours, Small Ship & River Cruises,
  • Pre & Post Cruise Tours
  • City Tours & Day Tours
  • Farm Tours, Wine Tours & other Themed Tours 


(all the little orange-colored dots on the map are the places Ria visited)


We look forward to working with you in the development of your group business and hope that our suggestions and quotes will be of assistance to you.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.